25 Mar 2011

Clean up with Google Apps

For one reason or another (invariably an infected PC running a local mail client unknowingly knocking out SPAM) it’s not uncommon to find your hosting providers mail server IP address has found its way onto an internet blacklist and you’ve frustratingly become some sort of virtual e-leper, unable to contact your important clients due to an inbox full of rejected messages.

It's not a great place to find yourself and certainly not conducive to the flow of business. You can request removal, and in most cases will be successful, however once *it* starts you can guarantee an increasing amount of on-going admin cleaning your name around around the www, which, aside from being incredibly annoying also sucks up a fair bit of time, and let’s face it, who has any of that spare these days let alone needs the added hassle, we’re all too busy just trying to keep on top of the work we already have backed up.

So, what’s the answer? Well, if you’re using a PC you’d better check that virus software and scan your operating system, you’re probably contributing to a global bot-net without knowing it. Next, to really nail it you could switch hosts, however it’s such a laborious and convoluted process you’d honestly be better off registering a completely new domain name, but what a chore that would be too, even with applied re-directs and masking you’re still asking for a world of pain and potential for general DNS disarray.
Or, you could just migrate to Google Apps for Business, we’ve never looked back, and neither have any of the clients we’ve migrated. The procedure is quick, painless, and for up to 50 clients across specified community groups is also completely free.

Not only do you get the most resilient enterprise class email system around the internet with conversation threading, message labelling & auto-archiving, it comes backed with linked groupware offering online Docs, Calendaring, Chat (Talk) and “Sites”, all slick and easy with seamless interoperability between all users from literally anywhere on the planet. You can forget about that restrictive old server sat in the corner of the office hoovering up dust whilst pumping up your electricity bill, the Big G can take care of all your needs, all you need is an internet connection.

MEBBiNET are mixed platform integration specialists and we would be more than happy to help you save time, stress, resources and money by helping you to migrate your enterprise hosting into a linked cloud.

Our base consultation is free. Give us a call, what have you got lose?

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