23 Mar 2011

In with the In-Box

Email is, of course, the ensconced backbone of global business communication at all levels and there’s no apparent mystique on how to use it, i.e “Create Message” and “Send”, that’s it? Well yes, that’s the bottom line, however in a dynamic business environment if you haven’t got a handle on your data flow and message management things can quickly get out of hand.

I recall an SMB tidy-up where the receptionist had an inbox pushing 18,000 messages going back to 2004, quite something, as was the time if took to transfer it all up into their new Google Apps IMAP account through the office ISDN.

You can give such users many a sideways glance but they should never be blamed, not everyone is I.T savvy and not every company realise the value of basic training, however as is the case with most things, a little can indeed go a very long way.
A quick 30 minute or one hour run down across folder creation, searches and message archiving not only helps the user to keep track of an unrelenting influx but by tagging on signature creation, contact manipulation and scheduling it provides them with added confidence to operate at a more professional level, move on to link up shared calendaring with meeting requests and it’s job done, quite literally.
Cirronix have years of experience across service delivery in user support environments and fully encourage queries from all levels during site and project visits. Without exception each and every user has the fear to some degree and will berate themselves for “not knowing about computers” (etc),  but why should they? I know nothing about electronics, or plumbing, or social work, they’re not my areas and I wouldn’t dream of pretending otherwise, I also wouldn’t apologise to a visiting electrician or plumber for not being able to repair or install a related product myself, honestly, it’s madness, why do computers do this to people?.

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