23 Mar 2011

Linux - Realised

With a 70% forecast for enterprise additions over the next five years it seems the realised benefits of Linux have finally filtered through the proprietary marketing machine. It’s taken a while, but cream always rises to the top ;-)
Interesting too are the figures for new installations with a huge 66% across greenfield deployments.

Recent news surrounding cyber terrorism (and the threat of) should also prompt further take up, for as operating systems go if you want to operate with the best level security then you have to be *Nix based.
Given a choice (and you do have one) wouldn’t you rather select an operating system which was configurably secure “Out of the Box” as oppose to one which required immediate patching and extra virus prevention software installing just to make it safe? It is true there is no such thing as a totally secure computer however there is such a thing as damage limitation.

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