1 Apr 2011

Messagical - The Newton iMessage Pad3

Today Apple launched a surprise product as both a thank you to long time Mac fanatics and to address the staggering demand for the iPad2 which they are struggling to meet.

The new product is actually a revamp of an old favourite and those who have a history with Apple will immediately recognise the Newton, Apples 'vintage' iPad and the worlds first tablet computer, released way ahead of it's time in the late 1980's.

"We always knew tablet computers would be a success" said an iSpokesperson "We wanted to give our loyal fans something really special to celebrate the huge success of iPad2, and what better product than a super cool hipster-esque retro Newton running the very latest version of iOS4"

The funky new device is intelligently designed to slot into the huge gap between iPhone and iPad, a previously unfulfilled need thankfully now filled, and not only with a super cool product, but with one which pays homage to the legacy of the worlds most stylish computer company. 

Aside from known inclusion of Apples revolutionary infra-red iLaser further specification is limited at present, however we will be posting a full review if ever we get our hands on one.

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