27 Jun 2011

Mobile Websites - That's Handi

The mobile internet has exploded and today everyman and his dog has an iPhone or Android, devices used with increasing predominance as main access portals into our connected lives and pushing a whole new genre of mobile websites and mobile website design services.

When we say mobile we don't just mean accessible from anywhere, that's a given as all websites already are (providing there's relevant connectivity). Mobile in the context of handhelds means the site is specifically designed around touch tap technology for limited screen real estate. Desktop websites are meant for desktops and even with auto area selection are still annoyingly difficult to navigate when pinched, scrolled and sectionally zoomed.

Apps are already designed in mobile format to smoothly deliver information accordingly, and although the vast majority are free (or almost free) unlike a mobile optimised website require download and local installation plus post development and store acceptance. A website, mobile or otherwise, is just a website and as such is not only free from all App Store constraints but is available to everyone with updates instantly visible. No App Store acceptance, no subscriptions, no downloads and no installations, just a website, free from content restrictions, globally accessible and centrally managed from a single location.

HandiSites are the established mobile arm of MEBBiNET providing mobile website development and mobile website design across all areas including mobile eCommerce (HandiRetail). Prices start at only £299 for a basic HandiSite with a potential one week turnaround from initial contact to go-live.

How much would you pay to globally mobilise your website? Click the HandiPhone to find out more.

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