24 Aug 2011

Wunderlist - The wonderful ToDo for you for FREE

I've always used To-Do lists in one for or other and have been through a broad range of offerings over the years, never really settling on one in particular for sustained use, until I stumbled across 'Wunderlist'. It was so small and simple I never thought it would hang around past the statutory 'install and evaluate' 15 minutes most new software usually gets (if that) however it's still in my dock, and still in daily use almost a year after download.

22 Aug 2011

The IIS7 FTP Publishing Service 7.5 on AWS EC2 Instances

In a previous post I advised on how to configure a 3rd party FTP Server under Windows Server 2003 for an Amazon AWS EC2 instance and the tricks required to open up the data ports for passive transfer. 

In this post I'm going to describe how to install and enable the new FTP Publishing Service 7.5 under IIS7 on MS Server 2008, again this is relative to an Amazon AWS EC2 instance.

Original iMacs - The Colour of Cool

With the return of exiled Steve Jobs (to his own company) the "bubble" iMac, designed by Jonathan Ive, was launched in 1998 to huge critical acclaim. 
Apple declared that "The back of our computer looks better than the front of anyone else's" which in a world of faceless beige square boxes couldn't have been more true.

Dated as the original iMac is today, and although I don't own one anymore, it's still my all time favourite Apple computer.

ISPConfig3 - Two NS records for a single IP on AWS EC2

One of my servers runs ISPConfig 3 for entry level client web hosting, which is fine for in-house and personal use. It offers a professional front end with the installation routine to get there superbly presented on HowToForge and covering all variants of Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora and OpenSuSE.

8 Aug 2011

Postbox 2 - Purrfect eMail to make your Lion happy

I've never really taken to the OSX mail.app and to be honest haven't even opened the new version after upgrading to Lion, I know I should but I've read no glowing reviews and to be fair have plenty of other much more interesting things to do. Interesting to me of course, I am aware Linux VHost development might not be for everyone.

I use (and swear by) Google Apps for Business and have for some time used the wonderful Mozilla Thunderbird client to connect (see previous post). Built on Mozilla technology (the same people who bring you Firefox) Thunderbird is rock solid and delivers comprehensively as an integrated comms client where MS Outlook glaringly fails (i.e by accommodating Google contacts and calendar), however what with the softer, slicker (nicer) look of Lion I fancied something a bit more in keeping, so, I thought I'd give PostBox another try. I'm glad I did as the latest release (v2.5) is a joy.

1 Aug 2011

VMWare vSphere Hypervisor - Part 3 : The iPad client

When the iPad was unveiled I, like many, was mildly curious as to where it would slot in. Obviously I was aware Apple, being Apple, wouldn't bring out such a revolutionary new product without being confident it was going to be a success and I should have had more faith having being similarly bemused when first seeing the 1st gen iPod. Even so as a predominantly back-end server and systems guy I never considered all that swiping and gesturing would appeal to me, wrong again, for here I am promoting an iPad client utility for managing vSphere, and nice it is too.