22 Aug 2011

Original iMacs - The Colour of Cool

With the return of exiled Steve Jobs (to his own company) the "bubble" iMac, designed by Jonathan Ive, was launched in 1998 to huge critical acclaim. 
Apple declared that "The back of our computer looks better than the front of anyone else's" which in a world of faceless beige square boxes couldn't have been more true.

Dated as the original iMac is today, and although I don't own one anymore, it's still my all time favourite Apple computer.

I have an old Mac Classic I use as a bookend in the office so perhaps I should get a complimentary iMac for the other side? And if so what colour? 

The 'Flower Power' and 'Blue Dalmation' iMacs, admittedly not to everyones taste but you have to admit, they were certainly fun. I almost bought a Flower Power.

This is the 'Graphite', the model I actually owned. Aside from it being the most powerful iMac of it's time as a techie I loved the less translucent casing which allowed to you see the insides clearly. Unfortunately someone else also liked the Graphite, mine in particular as I was burgled and it got stolen. Dark times ensued and I had to use a PC for a while until the insurance paid up and I could replace it. I've since made up for it though and have literally lost count of the number of Macs I've owned. My record was eight at once, although I never did get that Cube. 

I'd better rectify that, and what better bookend to match the Classic. Ok then, I'd better go, eBay awaits.


Phil said...

Do you remember the five matching graphite iMacs in the education room? I consider them to be my defining moment...

RichBos said...

I do indeed and I would completely agree. How could you leave them to the mercy of the Museum, you should have taken them with you :-)

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