1 Aug 2011

VMWare vSphere Hypervisor - Part 3 : The iPad client

When the iPad was unveiled I, like many, was mildly curious as to where it would slot in. Obviously I was aware Apple, being Apple, wouldn't bring out such a revolutionary new product without being confident it was going to be a success and I should have had more faith having being similarly bemused when first seeing the 1st gen iPod. Even so as a predominantly back-end server and systems guy I never considered all that swiping and gesturing would appeal to me, wrong again, for here I am promoting an iPad client utility for managing vSphere, and nice it is too.

Looks slick yes? Well, it is, however nice as it looks to get things up and running it's not as easy as merely clicking 'install' from the App Store, unfortunately there's a bit of work to do first and you'll need a vCenter Mobile Access Server installing in your vSphere environment.

The vCMA is basically a virtual appliance which acts as the management bridge (proxy) between your vSphere ESXi instances and the iPad client, and like the iPad client it's also free to download. Install by downloading the relevant OVF & VMDK files from HERE and following the simple 8-point install.

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