26 Oct 2011

DMR, 1941-2011. The inventor of modern computing logs out

Overshadowed by the high profile departure of Steve Jobs into an iCloud this month was the equally notable death of Dennis Ritchie, a name the vast majority will not be familiar with however without him the world of IT and computing would be a very different place.

Along with his work partner, Ken Thompson, Dennis Ritchie was responsible for inventing and developing the greatest computer operating system of all time, UNIX.

6 Oct 2011

Happy Mac - The Legacy of Steve Jobs

The flip side of losing Steve Jobs is the legacy, vision, and of course the products and iLifestyle he's given us. I remember the beige years without Steve when Apple computers were perceptually sub-standard, even though OS9 was still a far superior and more advanced operating system than anything Microsoft could produce. And today, after the iMac, the iPod, the iPhone, and the visionary successful iPad, look where we are, it's an iWorld, and I would say a much better, happier, and more enjoyable place for being so.

I previously blogged about the original iMac and as I said at the time I still rate it, without exception, as my all time favourite computer, for many reasons. Technicalities aside, its visionary design quite literally rebooted computing for us all and its ubiquitous impact cannot be underestimated.

So, where, and what now? Can Tim Cook steer Apple into the future with matched product vision and drive? Well, Jobs was one of those special people in time who are few and far between, and as such in all honesty cannot be replaced, however I for one have faith in Cook as CEO and firmly believe that the Apple platforms we run our media from, and the products they produce, which we love and enjoy daily, will still evolve and develop to further enhance our iLives. And even if things do change, the blueprint for the future of Apple was always there from the word go, for, as Steve said  - "Think Different".

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Steve Jobs - 1955-2011