31 Dec 2011

Easy Hosting Control Panel

There are a number of free hosting panels available for Linux and I've evaluated them all. The main contenders are ISPConfig 3, ZPanel, OpenPanel and EHCP (Easy Host Control Panel).

In this post we're going to take a look at EHCP, a product I'm happy to both recommend and use. It offers easy installation and comes with a comprehensive range of features coupled with a clean and intuitive look and feel.

27 Dec 2011

Secure Linux in the Balanced Cloud

A recent client project required a resilient framework from which to deliver their secure web facing application. Their initial request was for a load balanced, Linux AWS EC2 platform with MySQL replication and https (SSL) access, what we delivered provided all this, but with the added bonus of Intrusion Detection and self monitoring, self healing servers with eMail alerting. Below is a schematic displaying the build and server relationships. A detailed explanation follows.