31 Dec 2011

Easy Hosting Control Panel

There are a number of free hosting panels available for Linux and I've evaluated them all. The main contenders are ISPConfig 3, ZPanel, OpenPanel and EHCP (Easy Host Control Panel).

In this post we're going to take a look at EHCP, a product I'm happy to both recommend and use. It offers easy installation and comes with a comprehensive range of features coupled with a clean and intuitive look and feel.

Post installation the admin GUI is a good place to start and although OpenPanel offers a really nice 'OSX-esque' interface, as a hosting panel per se (for production use) I personally don't think it offers the industry standard look and feel hosting admins will prefer. ISPConfig3 is more basic and although ZPanel is great it doesn't come with any DNS management as standard, whereas EHCP does. No DNS management is admittedly no show stopper as there are plenty of options (i.e DNS at registrar level or AWS Route53), but if you do want to provide inclusive DNS services it's certainly something to consider.

Below is a screenshot of the main admin GUI running the 'Sky' template, looks pretty nice right?

As you can see from the grab you're provided with a comprehensive suite of hosting tools covering all aspects of domain and client management, presented in an attractive GUI. The Domain tools are particularly nice and offer thoughtful on-stop combination utilities such as 'Easy Add Domain', 'Bulk Add Domains' and 'Add DNS Hosting With Panel User'.

EHCP is supported from Ubuntu 6.06 to 11.10 plus Debian Etch & Lenny. Installation is a breeze and is scripted from a wget as follows - 

wget www.ehcp.net/ehcp_latest.tgz
tar -zxvf ehcp_latest.tgz
cd ehcp

Input name, passwords, FQDN etc as requested from the on-screen prompts and you'll be up and running in around 20 minutes, it couldn't be easier.

Further information and support is available from the main website - http://ehcp.net/

In the next post we'll look at creating a domain with related management and auto-script installations.


Hosting forum said...

It is more appreciable to find the useful tips from your website about website hosting service.Keep posted like this information.

Lottfy "Zpanel Teach Support" said...

ZPanelX "7" will come with DNS management as standard

All Regards

RichBos said...

That should nail it, I prefer ZPanel and use nothing else for new projects. I presently use it with AWS Route 53 for DNS but it would be nice to have inclusive zone records management for those who might want it.

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