1 Jan 2012

EHCP - Domain Creation and Management

The previous post gave a compared first look at EHCP, the install procedure and its admin GUI, here we'll go a step further into Domain creation and management.

EHCP offers a really nice 'Easy Add Domain' utility, which does exactly what it says. You simply type in a domain name and it populates a DNS template for you containing all required default records (NS, A, CNAME etc). Once done you can manage extra domain functionality or package installs via it's own admin panel.

The control panel GUI provides a comprehensive toolset covering all aspects of Domain management. Particularly useful is the 'Install Script' utility under the 'Advance' section. This provides auto-scripted installation for a whole range of regularly requested web frameworks covering (among others) - Wordpress, Magento e-Commerce, Joomla, Drupal, Coppermine, ZenCart, Moodle and many more. Very useful, and a feature you would perhaps only expect from more commercial (paid for) offerings.

Direct access to the Apache template is available (should you need it) and extra config above default record entries is provided through the 'Edit DNS Template' utility. Both present actual system files for editing in the same format they would be as created outside of the GUI, this is a nice touch as it gets you up to speed nicely with the 'real deal', but in an easy to comprehend, less daunting way than if navigating raw around config files from the Linux CLI.

As before the grab shown here is running the 'Sky' template and I can't understand why they don't tag this as default as it's by far the cleanest and nicest looking of the lot.

The EHCP website provides extensive support with a lively forum should you have any queries. 

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