18 Apr 2012

The usefulness of EC2 user-data scripts

One of the most under rated features of the AWS platform have to be user-data scripts. They allow you to easily preconfigure EC2 Linux instances at launch via a script (or selection of scripts) so they're ready roll complete with all your build specifics and/or applications from first boot. Very useful, especially for anyone who's had experience of chef and puppet. You'll find the entry field at stage two of the instance launch process (Fig:1).

16 Apr 2012

Server 8 and the downward slide of IIS

Microsoft Windows Server 8 (BETA) is out then, resplendent with controversial Metro GUI and a raft of new features covering (mostly) enhanced virtualisation and storage. I've worked with MS Server throughout my IT career, and although my core business focus these days is for Linux it's still a feature of the Cirronix support umbrella, and one which although I'm quite happy with is becoming somewhat of a niche request. Say what? I hear you say, Microsoft? A niche product? Surely there must be some mistake? Well.....