12 May 2012

Filling the slot - Mini 9 SDHC storage options

Yet another post about my Dell Mini 9, I think I'm obsessed. This time, storage.
The internal 16GB SSD has about 8.5GB free with a sparse OSX install plus a few apps, which is OK but it's always good to have some room in the bag and although I've only about 4GB of DropBox data I didn't want to dump it all on the SSD, or pay for an upgrade. So, as the Mini 9 has an integral card slot I thought I'd use that instead, as it's only for data storage there was no real need for high performance R/W, it's not like the operating system is going to boot from it.

The Mini 9 SD card slots aren't renowned for their speed anyway, even so as cards are cheap enough I sourced a Class 10 8GB SanDisk Extreme from eBay for £9.99. Being a class 10 it offers up to 30mb/s so I thought it would be a notch or two above the norm. I'd heard reports of cards above 4GB not being recognised however it popped up no problem. It came formatted as FAT32 however as I'd be using it under OSX and have no intention to remove it I thought it seemed logical (and nicer) to reformat it as Mac OS Extended.

All good then, installed DropBox and got things all sync'd up no problems, not bad, but what about performance? Even though it didn't 'really' matter I thought I'd run some XBench tests against the SSD anyway, and here are the results. As expected it didn't reach the advised card spec but it didn't do too badly, all considered.

Ok, internal SSD first.....

And now the SDHC card....

Might look at an 8 cell battery next. The standard 4 cell is fine but it would be nice to stretch things a bit and I've heard tales of 8 hour use from the 64wh models.

And so the story continues, you wouldn't have this much fun with a new MacBook Air you know.

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