13 May 2012

Out with the old - Why 10mb is no longer an issue for Sparrow

I've been a fan of Sparrow since it first came out, I find it suits my 'personal' mail to a tee. I could run both business and personal accounts in PostBox (my main client) but I like to keep a distinction between work and play and find the 'Twitter-esque' GUI pleasantly suited to my .Mac account.
The latest version (1.5) is the slickest yet and offers really cool options for large file transfer, something so simple you'd wonder why nobody has joined up the dots before. Let's take a look.

All they've done, basically, is to provide CloudApp or DropBox direct upload links for large attachments. It's genius in its simplicity. Obviously this is nothing new as anyone with either account can easily just upload to their space, obtain the relevant file share link and manually include it in an email, however by including the procedure as a slick seamless 'one-click' feature they've pulled linked cloud storage from being a considered, but albeit secondary addition, to something truly integrated, not only that but the old 10mb email limit enforced by most is now just that, an old 10mb limit. CloudApp has a 250mb limit but DropBox users can post anything up to the limit of their folder size.

It is noted (and complained about) that the link provided is to your public DropBox folder, and as such accessible to anyone who can find it, that said the links as they are aren't exactly what you'd call 'user friendly' and this shouldn't be of any real concern if you use the option sensibly. Where this service excels though, and where its niche lies, is with the smoothing of technology from clumsiness of former ftp confusion amongst those who don't have time for it. Using ftp to transfer huge graphic files between design houses or w.h.y can be a time consuming and frustrating operation, admittedly more so for some than others but even so it requires a dedicated ftp account (+ server), a desktop client (often at cost) and knowledge of online folder locations combined with configuration of multiple client accounts and related to and fro-ing to deliver the details of names and passwords to all concerned, merely attaching an email link is much easier. Everyone can use email.

Sparrow website - http://sparrowmailapp.com/

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