8 Aug 2012

iCal for iCloud in OSX10.6 Snow Leopard

I run a 17" MacBook Pro and a Dell Mini 9 'Hackintosh' (for when the 17" is feeling heavy or I'm planning more than work when out for the day). The 17" is great and now running Mountain Lion 10.8 with complete iCloud sync, the little Dell however is stuck on 10.6.6 and when MobileMe was taken offline iCal and Address Book sync vanished with it. Mail is accommodated but calendar and contacts aren't, and although I'd love an 11" MacBook Air it's not going to happen. So, in this post we'll look at a workaround to sync iCal from iCloud to OS10.6.

Save your AWS webface when Godzilla strikes

The last AWS US-East outage ruffled a few feathers and wasn't fun for those who experienced downtime, however as before there's a lesson to be learnt and it goes to show that even the most resilient systems can fail and contributory strings of events, no matter how disjointed, can and do happen.
The lesson? Simple, design for redundancy (or have contingency measures in place for a quick restore). Let's take a look at a few of the options available for AWS resilience and restore that could help you save face should Godzilla strike.