14 Sep 2012

Why Apple has its iSight on the compact camera sector

The iPhone 5 launch was quite an exciting affair (iCloud problems aside), so-so for the iPhone itself which got the larger screen and spec bump along with a lighter and slightly redesigned body (all expected upgrades). What made it for me was the new iPod Touch, specifically the inclusion of a decent camera and resulting potential this opens up for the device as a real option for photography. The impact this could have on the compact camera sector is something I don't think many (apart from Apple themselves) have fully realised.

10 Sep 2012

Who needs a DVD drive anyway?

I was mildly surprised to discover Apple have ceased manufacture of the classic 17" MacBook Pro. It's a logical move I suppose what with their 2012 all singing all dancing 'Retina' but for someone like me who doubles up their laptop as a TV it's not completely about resolution, physical screen size is still relevant. 
Mine's a mid-2009 2.8GHZ Core2 Duo and although the lure of an i7 is out there I've no working need for all that processing power, I did fancy a bit of an upgrade though, you know, as you do.

9 Sep 2012

Xubuntu and the 11z - Lightweight and Low Voltage

It was time to upgrade my 2nd laptop (netbook). The Dell Mini 9 was (is) a superb little unit for 'here & there' mobile work and I can't praise it enough, however I needed something more suited to all day working and my 17" MacBook is a brick to lug about, it was also time to dump the daily Hackintosh in favour of a Linux desktop. Other tick boxes included a nicer keyboard, better screen & res (@11" with 1366 x 768) and (if possible) better battery life, all with similar portability as offered by the Mini 9. Possible? Yep, for sure, enter the Dell 11z.