2 Feb 2013

A great start to 2013

2013 dropped and we managed to find time to give the website a freshen up, which we're very, very pleased with. Many thanks (as ever) to the superb eye and skills of our man and uber webhead Isi Ashraf, if you need a new site, or a 2013 spruce up he's definitely the guy to hook up with - http://iashraf.com.

So, what else is new? Well we've progressed the Cirronix skill set somewhat and now offer an expanded range of continuous integration services.

The new Cirronix website, nice huh...!

We're now an Amazon Web Services registered Consulting Partner as well as having direct links with the Scalr guys. We really like Scalr and have previously blogged about the added value it delivers for AWS. We seem to be using it for more and more projects lately and are very happy to do so as it's a fantastic service.

Other main areas of development include a stronger push into Chef for continuous integration (you're either in the Chef or Puppet camp and we like Chef). We now run a suite of in house Chef CI servers for R&D + client pre-project rollouts and (as you would expect) are using Github substantially more as a result.

The Cirronix on-line ticketing system has also had an upgrade and we're now running Tickets v3.0 from the Dalegroup software house - http://www.dalegroup.net/page/software. Tickets is a superb system for us, it's easy to manage and delivers exactly the functionality we need.

Other bits in the pipeline include some wonderfully funky isometric grid-based schematics for our platform designs inspired by the stunning PDFs from the AWS architecture centre - http://aws.amazon.com/architecture (I  know, how cool are they...!), and, (drum roll) a new office 'somewhere' in Leeds. Sadly our wonderful home for the past three years, Old Broadcasting House, is looking at a strategic change of direction and can no longer accommodate us (and the other 20 or so developers, web guys and general geekery that goes on there, or did), however we are really looking forward to wherever we end up and are moving en-masse...!

So, I think that'll do for now to get 2013 'blogging' on the move, and as the website says, if you need a resilient platform that scales, if you're paying for unused VPS resources or are unsure about Iaas or PaaS then get in touch, we'd be more than happy to de-mystify the technology help you to deploy your web face into something a bit more 2013.

Bye for now


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