8 May 2013

Up Front - Zone Apex delivery from AWS Cloudfront

AWS Cloudfront is a superb CDN (Content Delivery Network), and not just for the obvious reasons (delivery of dynamic, static and streaming content to a global network of edge locations). As an infrastructure component it can chop a substantial chunk from your virtual resource and hosting budget along with substantial increases in security and uptime if used for full site delivery.
As yet zone apex/root domain mapping isn't natively supported however with some lateral thinking TLD resolution for static sites to a CF distribution can be achieved.

3 May 2013

AWS SES as a secure and stable SMTP relay

Running an email server requires a certain level of awareness above just installing the default server technology to do so, with problems for clean relaying further amplified on AWS where batches of Elastic IPs can be annoyingly blacklisted before they've even been allocated. De-listing EIPs, tweaking Postfix HELO and matching hostnames against MX & A records can be time consuming, however for an easier ride, along with quality benefits for content and feedback, you could just piggy back the AWS SES service as your client-side SMTP relay.