27 Aug 2013

Severalnines Cluster Control for Percona XtraDB in AWS

The last two posts covered a basic x3 node/zone build for the Percona XtraDB cluster in AWS, with specifics for traffic distribution and redundancy using AWS Elastic Load Balancing linked to AWS Route 53 health checks for primary and secondary ELB failover.
OK, all good, but once you have your AWS Percona XtraDB Cluster up and running what about management? And what if there was an easier way to deploy? Cluster Control from Severalnines covers both, let's take a look.

17 Aug 2013

ELB Failover for AWS hosted Percona XtraDB Cluster

The previous post - AWS Load Balancing for the Percona XtraDB Cluster - gave an overview of Percona Cluster (PXC) config in AWS for a VPC hosted (balanced) application. This supplemental post provides an added level of granularity by adding redundancy (failover) for the Elastic Load Balancers (ELBs).
We will implement primary and secondary ELBs with configured health checks under AWS Route 53 DNS along with advisories for phpmyadmin access via the ELB DNS alias.