27 Aug 2013

Severalnines Cluster Control for Percona XtraDB in AWS

The last two posts covered a basic x3 node/zone build for the Percona XtraDB cluster in AWS, with specifics for traffic distribution and redundancy using AWS Elastic Load Balancing linked to AWS Route 53 health checks for primary and secondary ELB failover.
OK, all good, but once you have your AWS Percona XtraDB Cluster up and running what about management? And what if there was an easier way to deploy? Cluster Control from Severalnines covers both, let's take a look.

Severalnines offer a selection of high end database management solutions, their Cluster Control suite is the product we have implemented and we are highly impressed. We'd previously dabbled with Cacti to provide a basic RRDTool overview of load stats but the s9s CC takes things to a whole new level. Not only does it provide beautifully simple configuration and deploy for AWS (Fig:1) but the real time load stats, health checks and DB tuning advisories are superb (Fig:2). If that isn't enough CC will also recover failed nodes should any problems arise.

Fig:1 - S9s AWS Configurator.

As we already had an existing AWS Percona XtraDB cluster we simply 'imported' it into a new CC instance (an easy process using their bootstrap script). Once imported we easily deployed an extra garbd arbitrator node and followed on to resolve all our InnoDB memory configuration errors through presented advisories, the result of which is that we now have a managed and monitored cluster with the added bonus of node/cluster recovery. We had previously being using MONIT for simple mysql service restart, which was good, we like MONIT a great deal and have used it for years across many deployments, however CC takes things into the premier league.

Fig:2 - CC Cluster Load.

Severalnines Cluster Control has been a breath of fresh air for us and we can't recall coming across such a quality product. As with any new system operations tool we had the invariable familiarity questions about certain aspects of the product and here again Severalnines support was excellent. We have dealt predominantly with Johan Andersson, the s9s CTO, who is knowledgeable, responsive and inspires the confidence you need to ask 'those' questions.

S9s CC has already become an integral part of our infrastructure and we are looking forward to growing our PXC deployment and management solutions using it as the core tool.

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