26 Oct 2013

Scaling for one - Single instance resilience with AWS EC2

For startups or small businesses migrating to AWS there may be no immediate requirement for extensive multi-instance scaling or any of the other bells and whistles, indeed perhaps all they are looking for is the flexibility and future potential a cloud starting point provides.
That said, even if it's just a single server instance being deployed it still makes total sense to implement high availability cover for zone outages and/or EBS failures.
Let's take a look at easy resilience for single instance launch configurations.

6 Oct 2013

IIS8 FTP Publishing Service for Server 2012 on AWS EC2

In a previous post I detailed certain nuances of config for the FTP publishing service under IIS 7 for Server 2008 AWS hosted EC2 instances, due to the way AWS EC2 IP addressing & NAT works there were a couple of minor tricks required to get everything hooking up smoothly for passive connections.
In Server 2012, although the principals are the same it's a bit easier to configure and in this updated post I've put together a quick overview covering the stages involved up from from installing IIS itself, hope it's useful.

2 Oct 2013

MS Server 2012 AD via VPN in AWS VPC for Windows 8

Selective adoption of cloud infrastructure offers many advantages for Enterprise IT and in this post we are going to look at running a Microsoft Server 2012 Active Directory Domain Controller in an Amazon Web Services Virtual Private Cloud. Authentication for localised Windows 8 clients is provided via a secure IPSec enabled VPN tunnel.
This model provides a seamless extension of the business LAN whilst removing a need to source and accommodate expensive physical server hardware.