11 Nov 2015

WP Cloud Stack - Fully Managed Enterprise Scale Wordpress

The Wordpress content management and blogging platform delivers content for over 20% of the worlds websites and there are an incalculable selection of 'default' Wordpress friendly hosting providers to choose from. However, for the more demanding enterprise client looking at enhanced levels of support, performance and uptime SLAs options become increasingly reliant on self built and self maintained solutions. At Cirronix Consulting we realised this and created the WP Cloud Stack service to cater for more advanced needs.

Due to the nature of dynamic content within Wordpress the challenge has always been in scaling up an array of load balanced instances, delivering enhanced levels of resilience and performance via distributed load whilst maintaining content replication across the array. Advances in cloud technology, most specifically from AWS, have increasingly facilitated this and there are a multitude of different methods detailed around the web of varying complexity, although most (if not all) are cumbersome to set up, admin heavy, and somewhat limited with regard to auto-scaling for dynamic content.

The perceptive ideal is a 'push button' solution, akin to the 'default' hosting options but with routes for dynamic scaling linked to elastic storage for centralised assets. AWS S3 and AWS Cloudfront have been used as predominant components here with various solutions configured to offload assets to S3 and utilise the distributed caching offered by CF, fine in theory but reliant on extra configuration and/or plugins coupled with restrictions around S3 as a key value store (as oppose to a usable file system) and not really 'push button' at all.

WP Cloud Stacks deliver the ideal.

WP Cloud Stacks do not rely on S3 for dynamic content, caching plugins, or Cloudfront. What we have developed is the result of intelligent configuration management using a combination of Chef & AWS OpsWorks, with AWS EFS and AWS RDS as core enabling components fed by a Thoughtworks GO CI pipeline for version controlled plugin & theme deployment from either S3 or Git. The result of which is a truly portable and inherently resilient enterprise scale Wordpress solution, namely the WP Cloud Stack.

Although 'push button' we take things a step further and offer WP Cloud Stacks as a fully managed service. We push the button for you.

If you would like more information about WP Cloud Stacks, the service we offer, pricing, and the technology involved you can contact us directly via the website at https://wpcloudstack.com.

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