13 Apr 2016

Using OpsWorks to manage AWS ECS Cluster instances

AWS Elastic Beanstalk already provides an easy route for Docker PaaS, but although scalable it's only so for full instances. The AWS EC2 Container Service (ECS) takes things several steps further by providing options for actual 'container' scaling and clustering across Docker enabled hosts. Task and service configuration with related scheduling is easily managed however as yet there is no direct hook for managing the underlying cluster (instances). You could manually configure via scaling groups within the E2 console, or you could use OpsWorks, which is easier.

14 Mar 2016

Apps from S3 for Docker enabled AWS Elastic Beanstalk

AWS facilitates Docker container management and deployment extremely well, not only via its dedicated EC2 Container Service (ECS), but with easy integration options for both OpsWorks and Elastic Beanstalk too.

In this post we're going to look at automating deployment of a php website from a secure S3 bucket into a Docker enabled Elastic Beanstalk environment.

11 Nov 2015

WP Cloud Stack - Fully Managed Enterprise Scale Wordpress

The Wordpress content management and blogging platform delivers content for over 20% of the worlds websites and there are an incalculable selection of 'default' Wordpress friendly hosting providers to choose from. However, for the more demanding enterprise client looking at enhanced levels of support, performance and uptime SLAs options become increasingly reliant on self built and self maintained solutions. At Cirronix Consulting we realised this and created the WP Cloud Stack service to cater for more advanced needs.

12 Jul 2015

AWS Elastic File System - First Boot

We've been eager to get our hands on AWS EFS and as the preview dropped in this week we got our chance (albiet via a virtual trip to Oregon). But firstly, what is it?
AWS EFS is 'standalone' petabyte scale cloud storage offering multi-source connectivity via NFSv4, with 'E' standing for elastic in the true sense. EFS removes the restrictions of single instance EBS vol mounts to provide multi-instance access, and if like us you've struggled with the nuances of s3fs-fuse mounts then EFS will be a breath of fresh air as it supports standard file and directory operations.

21 Jun 2015

The missing deployment hook for AWS OpsWorks

We've been using and recommending AWS OpsWorks for many years (from way back before it was even known as OpsWorks) and use it as our 'Go-To' configuration management system for the majority of AWS hosted client projects. It integrates superbly with Chef and brings together the core of AWS, cloud and DevOps into a single service, however it's not without nuances and the lack of dynamic deployment hooks from the code pipeline has bugged us for sometime.

3 Jan 2015

Fedora 21 - Linux Server comes of age with Cockpit management and built in support for Docker

Fedora 21 final was released in December 2014 and marks a defined stage of evolution for what has previously been termed Red Hat's 'bleeding edge', firming up its offering as a solid and viable contender with a three way split for Desktop, Server and Cloud. Of particular interest within the Server version is a new management WUI called Cockpit, in itself a potential game changer but with the addition of built in Docker support even more so. Let's take a look.

26 Oct 2014

AWS Certification - Knowledge levels and study recommendations required to pass

As I've recently taken a couple of AWS certification exams I thought it might be useful to share my experiences.

I've been working with AWS in production for 4+ years so decided it was time to firm things up and took the ACSA back in August. I did about a months worth of supplemental prep for it, 2-3 hours a day, predominantly using the Linux Academy online syllabus.

16 Mar 2014

Configure, Deploy and Manage with AWS OpsWorks

Nurturing ‘master’ images of static server instances is time consuming and admin-heavy, requiring full instance re-creation when changes are made with dedicated snapshot regimes for archiving and disaster recovery.
Such legacy methods of infrastructure and application management are inefficient and out of date. A version controlled configuration management environment is substantially more effective.

14 Mar 2014

Flat and Responsive - The all new cirroNIX

It seems like ages since I blogged and looking at the last post date it would seem it is, four months in fact, shameful. In my defence it's been a busy time with plenty going on and a steady stream of project development, the latest of which has been a push into AWS OpsWorks (with superb results) however more on that later. To get the ball rolling again I thought I'd kick off 2014 by steering you toward the newly remodelled cirroNIX website and branding (the more alert of you may have noticed the new blog header design). So, here we go......

26 Oct 2013

Scaling for one - Single instance resilience with AWS EC2

For startups or small businesses migrating to AWS there may be no immediate requirement for extensive multi-instance scaling or any of the other bells and whistles, indeed perhaps all they are looking for is the flexibility and future potential a cloud starting point provides.
That said, even if it's just a single server instance being deployed it still makes total sense to implement high availability cover for zone outages and/or EBS failures.
Let's take a look at easy resilience for single instance launch configurations.